Peace of mind in One Solution

Our Story

GreenAgri Solutions, LLC. is a family owned manufacturer of SafeZone AG 5000. We have been involved in the agricultural industry for over 25 years and believe whole-heartedly in the products we produce. We have been growing and expanding our applications and have had several successful studies done by universities that prove the quality of all our products.

Our mission is to provide you peace of mind in one solution. A product that can provide reduced bio-film and bacteria to your crops, equipment, pre-harvest and post-harvest wash. Our product is EPA certified, NSF 60, and FDA approved with safety in mind for you and your employees.  

GreenAgri Solutions, LLC. offers:

-Coagulants and flocculants for water and waste-water treatment

-NSF 60, FDA approved, CAS & GRAS recognized for it's organic properties

- Food Safety Approved for Post-Harvest Wash.

- CIP (clean in place) applications

- Metal Removal

- Low level dissolved copper and dissolved zinc

- Struvite & Vivianite Control-removal and dispersion

- Liquid Oxygen-Based Disinfection & Bio-film control

- Organo-clay technology-difficult to treat waste-water

- State of the art equipment and innovations

We specialize in bacteria control in water treatment used in the following industries:

Water/Waste-water Management & Equipment

Oil, Gas, Refinery & Petrochemicals



Food Processing

Agriculture / Meat /Poultry /Seafood industry

Post Harvest wash

CIP /Cop (Clean in place)

Food Safety & Decontamination

Agriculture foliage spray and irrigation application 

Safe Zone ROS is a Twenty-First Century hybrid of aqueous reactive oxygen species that helps control the cross contamination of bacteria and viruses on contact while eliminating the bio-film where the bacteria/virus are embedded for a totally bacteria free & bio-film free results giving you a complete pathogen controlled product, Organically at drinking water standards and non corrosive.

"Dr. Trevor Suslow with University of California @ Davis studies demonstrated that at 670 ORP (drinking water standards) Safe Zone ROS kills Salmonella, Listeria & E-Coli in 10 seconds or less."

For more information, please contact us at 352-610-4808 or [email protected]