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 Our SAFE-ZONE Products

Coagulants and Flocculants

We offer the following product line:

Organic & Inorganic coagulants: Alum (aluminum sulfate), Ferric & Ferrous Salts, PACL & PACL Blends, ACH & ACH Blends, Polyamines, DADMAC and others

Flocculants: Dry, emulsion, solutions, anionic, nonionic, cationic, potable grades. Call or email for more information about our product line.

Metal Removal

Environmental friendly and non-toxic blended sulfide based metal precipitants. In full scale plant trials, we have been able to lower the dissolved copper to less than 1 ppb using 10 mg/l or less of our product. And in a similar study, we were able to achieve 70% removal of dissolved zinc (less than 20 ppb).

Struvite and Viviante Remover and Inhibitors

We have developed a special formulation that can easily dissolve struvite and vivianite as well as prevents its’ formation. In hard to reach areas like the overflow from a digester, filtrate lines from a belt press, rollers and belts on a belt press, centrate lines, valves, elbows and heat exchangers, our product will dissolved struvite and vivianite in place without creating an acid waste or toxic by-products. Our struvite remover, Safe Zone ROS is very effective on old and hard struvite deposits.

 Struvite is a magnesium ammonium phosphate (MgNH4PO4-6H20) compound which is also called MAP. In most system where MAP is a problem, you need to have a specific ratio of magnesium to ammonia to phosphate to precipitate struvite. In wastewater treatment plant, the major controlling factors are the magnesium level, CO2 release and pH. So to control the precipitation of struvite you need to control magnesium. For years, to control scale (calcium and magnesium), we have been using crystal modifiers. Recently, we have found specific crystal modifiers have the ability to resolubilize magnesium from the MAP crystal. Once you have removed the magnesium from the MAP crystal, the phosphate and ammonia goes back into solution and is easily removed. The rate of solubilizing magnesium from the MAP crystal is a function of concentration and time.

 Running a study, with a product developed by called Safe Zone ROS, we were able to quickly clean a pump and valve assembly with an environmental safe product. We found that it took 2 lbs of Safe Zone ROS to dissolve 1 lb of struvite. In our first test, we recirculated a 30% ( by weight) solution through a closed loop system that had a 2” build up in the pipeline and 1” build up on the pump inlet and outlet. After recirculating for 6 hours, we inspected the lines and the pump. The lines were clean with trace amounts of grayish film (struvite deposit less than 1/64”). We tested the spent solution. The pH was 3.5. We found soluble magnesium (chelated magnesium), ammonium phosphate, and carboxylic acid.

 In another application, the plant manager had notice a struvite build up in the overflow line from the digester and in the elbows going to the sludge holding ponds. He said they were pumping 24 hours per day and could not maintain levels in the digester. He had a maintenance person check the sludge pumps and they discovered the pumps were operating at a high back pressure. The plant manager purchased 2 drums and make up a 30% (by weight) solution. He fed it into the digester overflow box –filled the pipeline and let it sit overnight. The next morning they started up the transfer pumps and reported that they were able to get the levels in the digester down after 18 hours instead of 24 hours. We checked back with the plant manager several months later and the pumps were controlling the sludge level in the digester with only 18 hours of operation.

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